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Pandorica revolves around the leadership trials of The Varosha Tribe. Eiren, Ares and Thade are all in line to lead the next generation of their people. Only one of them will become leader but who will it be? Pandorica is an edge of your seat action horror that keeps the twists coming thick and fast.



 “"Tom Paton...injects his feature debut with some visual style" -Total Film

"This weekend at the cinema Batman V Superman is still playing or you can catch Brit Indie Movie Pandoirca" -Guardian (UK)

Paton directs with an eye for suspense and savage beauty” -Starburst Magazine

“Its John Carpenter does Evil Dead” -MYM Magazine

“gorgeously-crafted cinematography” -Screen Relish

“A tense and stylish independent dystopian film” -Im with Geek

“excellent example of low budget film-making” -Flash Bang

“combines the successful elements of intrigue, anticipation and fear” -The Upcoming

“beautifully filmed...solid entry to the genre” -UK Horror Scene

Pandorica is the proof of concept film for The Film Label - an industry-disrupting concept that applies the music record label model to the indie-film market. The film label is a collaboration between director Tom Paton, producer George Burt and record label founder Nick Sadler and was created to reshape the indie-film market.